Approved Site Plan Details

Comments - this site plan has been approved by Saugeen Valley Conservation Association and the town of Saugeen Shores after a professional wave uprush report was completed.

The home’s building envelope indicated on the site plan represents the maximum area available to build which translates to approximately 1800 sq. ft per ground and per second floor totalling 3,600 sq. ft. with a 2 car garage that could also have an optional 520 sq. ft. second floor. Given that the tested water table is at the 3 ft mark a 5 foot crawl space basement or slab foundation are allowed.

As the site requires an elevation slightly higher than the Saugeen Beach Road access a perimeter natural Wiarton stone retaining wall has been constructed with stone stairs opening to a waterfront patio leading to the shore area. Big O drain piping has been installed inside the retaining wall’s packed gravel 2 ft. thick base.

Approvals have also been made for the septic tank system which is a Waterloo Bio Filter with an estimated installation cost of $25,000. Current vacant lot taxes are are approximately $6,000.

Municipal water service has already been installed. Natural gas, hydro, phone and cable are available at the road.